Millions of Iraqis across the country, call for release of Ashrafi hostages

10/5/2013 7:42:09 AM

Million-man marches in Iraq

Million-man marches in Iraq

INTV, 4 Oct 2013 – Six uprising provinces of Baghdad, al-Anbar, Salahadin, Neinawa, Kirkuk and Diyala were the scenes of Friday prayers and demonstrators staged by millions of Iraqis. These rallies were held while worshippers and protesters in Baghdad and other cities faced various terrorist threats from Maliki’s militia forces.
Baghdad TV reported Five minutes after Friday sermons began, a sonic bomb blasted and shots were fired in the air in Ramadi. Simultaneously, an explosion was heard in the Ramadi protest square, while another sonic bomb erupted in Fallujah causing the live coverage to be stopped.
“The goal of these bombings is to scare the protesters because we have announced solidarity with the Ramadi protest camp,” said the speaker in Fallujah.
A demonstrator went behind the microphone after the sonic bomb blasted and said to the crowd, “Return to where you were standing, this is exactly what Iran wants.” In response, the people chanted and called on their leaders to issue an order for jihad.


The Fallujah Friday speaker said, “Maliki’s government is responsible for the explosions in the Ramadi protest camp.”
In Fallujah, immediately after the Friday prayers Maliki’s military forces began threatening the worshipers. However, the angry people responded by chanting, “People demand government overthrow” and continued their demonstration.
In north Baghdad’s al-Mashahade district two IEDs exploded and targeted worshippers in a mosque.
In Fallujah, demonstrators raised a placard calling on the international community to intervene immediately for the release of Camp Ashraf hostages held in Maliki’s secret prisons and prevent their extradition to Iran.


The demonstrators said they will continue this support until the release of the Ashrafi hostages.


Al-Tagheer, al-Fallujah, Baghdad, al-Rafedein, al-Madar, al-Gharbiya, al-Babeliya and al-Samarra all provided live coverage of the Friday unity prayers.