Islamic fundamentalism, the leading source of violence against women: Maryam Rajavi

11/26/2015 8:40:46 PM

Women must rise up against this phenomenon Maryam Rajavi’s message on the International Day for ...


Washington Times: Maryam Rajavi condemns Paris attacks

11/20/2015 2:26:59 PM

The Washington Times published an article carrying Mrs. Maryam Rajavi’s condemnation of recent ...


Our hearts bleed for the French nation: Maryam Rajavi

11/17/2015 9:07:39 PM

Text of message by Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance - November 14, ...


Maryam Rajavi strongly condemned the massacre of innocent people in Paris

11/16/2015 3:59:24 PM

Ground Report, Nov 15, 2015 - Maryam Rajavi President-elect of the Iranian Resistance (NCRI) ...


Maryam Rajavi’s message to Italian Senate conference on Iran

11/14/2015 6:37:30 PM

We warn Western governments against shaking hands with Rouhani and against emboldening the mullahs ...


Maryam Rajavi: André Glucksmann, the voice and cry of humanity’s betrayed conscience against advocates of surrender and appeasement of dictators

11/13/2015 4:45:25 PM

Maryam Rajavi extended her condolences on the passing away of the renowned French philosopher, ...


Stopping execution in Iran must be the bases for the UK relation with Iran; Maryam Rajavi

10/20/2015 10:22:24 AM

Maryam Rajavi’s message to conference on human rights in Iran in the United Kingdom House of ...


Maryam Rajavi’s message to the Berlin gathering Commemorating victims of the 1988 massacre

10/12/2015 9:37:12 AM

Honorable dignitaries, Sympathizers and supporters of the Iranian Resistance in Germany, Dear ...


Maryam Rajavi’s call to Iranian students and faculties on the eve of the new Academic Year

9/23/2015 10:09:40 PM

Maryam Rajavi calls on university faculties, students and other social sectors for solidarity and ...


46,000 troops dispatched to crackdown on Iranian women, youths: Maryam Rajavi

9/17/2015 4:38:59 PM

Iranian opposition leader Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of ...


Iran opposition leader hails Iran human rights session at UK House of Commons

9/16/2015 4:01:08 PM

The following is the text of a message by Iranian opposition leader Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, ...


Maryam Rajavi at French Senate Conference: Iranian regime is not West’s ally; instead of countering ISIS, it seeks to expand its hegemony over Iraq and Syria, cleanse Sunnis

5/6/2015 7:12:42 AM

05 May 2015 Extending break out time by six or nine months is not a solution after three decades ...


Paris – Commemoration of April 8, 2011 massacre in Ashraf 12 April 2015

4/18/2015 8:31:06 PM

The alternative is a democratic and nuclear free Iran that will be realized by the Iranian people ...


Message by Mrs. Maryam Rajavi to the Conference of Pioneering Women in the Struggle against Fundamentalism

12/9/2014 10:36:24 AM

Distinguished Parliamentarians, Ladies and Gentlemen, Greetings to your conference, and I wish you ...


Maryam Rajavi: call to refer Iran’s human rights dossier to UN Security Council

8/9/2014 7:49:25 PM

Iran: executions reach 31 cases including 10 in public Iranian regime authorities executed 9 ...


Rajavi: Preventing putting out fire with at least 11 inmates losing their lives, a great crime by anti-human Iran regime

8/8/2014 7:33:53 AM

Imperative for impartial international investigation and handing of perpetrators to justice Mrs. ...


On the occasion of the execution of Gholamreza Khossravi after 12 years of imprisonment and torture

6/1/2014 7:02:30 PM

Maryam Rajavi: Mullahs are futilely attempting to save their crumbling regime by carrying out ...


Rajavi calls to save lives of over 200 Nigerian schoolgirls

5/10/2014 2:27:19 PM

Religious leaders, clerics and Islamic societies should condemn this anti-Islamic and anti-human ...


Maryam Rajavi’s condolences for Afghanistan mudslide disaster

5/6/2014 2:43:32 PM

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, offered her condolences to the ...


Rajavi calls on the int’l community to condemn Evin Prison raid

4/22/2014 6:48:31 PM

She urges the Tehran youth to rise in solidarity with prisoners and their families Mrs. Maryam ...

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