Workers’ protests in various Iranian cities

1/19/2014 6:47:40 AM

Cities across Iran witnessing increasing workers’ protests

Cities across Iran witnessing increasing workers’ protests

Shahr Kord: Fired workers of the Barfab, Pak and Steel companies of this city announced they will hold a protest gathering on Monday, January 20th, at the regime’s governorate office protesting their expulsion from work. These workers are also extremely angry at the detention of two workers by the regime’s security agents.
Shiraz: Over 300 workers and employees of the ITI Company (long distance communications) in Shiraz staged a gathering on Wednesday, January 15th, held on Bridgestone Avenue. They protested the handover of the communications company without their notice. This measure by the regime poses the threat of these workers and employees losing their jobs.
Semnan: A number of company representatives of the Semnan industrial complex staged a gathering on Saturday, January 18th, outside the regime’s labor department in this city. This gathering was held by the representatives to express their outrage on not receiving their salaries for the past few months.

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