Iran: bazaar strike surpasses one month

6/16/2014 8:27:15 PM

Strikes increasing across Iran

Strikes increasing across Iran

Stores remain closed. From May 15th when a strike was launched in the gold bazaar of Isfahan, Urumieh and Tabriz, along with Tehran’s metal bazaar, it is now exactly one month from that day. Textile retailers, stone cutters and many other main bazaars in various cities across the country have joined this strike against the Rouhani government’s tax extortion. Some gold bazaar merchants have been on strike periodically, and some others, like in Tabriz, Urumieh and Isfahan have been on strike continuously during the past month. Time and again during the past month the bazaar merchants have been threatened by Ministry of Intelligence agents to stop their protests and strikes, such as the bazaar retailers in Isfahan. However none of these threats have been able to break the bazaar strike. In fact, during the past few days bazaar merchants in the city of Mariwan and gold workshops in Kurdistan have also joined the strike. The mullahs so desperately need tax extortions under the pretext of “taxes on added values” that it is even ridiculously collecting taxes from the deceased!


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