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Obama Administration Threatens to Suspend Talks With Russia on Syria, Considers Weaponry for Syrian Rebels+Video&Photos

9/29/2016 3:25:56 PM

Secretary of State called for a halt to Aleppo offensive in a call with Russian foreign minister ...


OPEC ‘Understanding‘ Is Easily Misunderstood

9/29/2016 2:45:44 PM

Wednesday’s jolt in oil prices seems like an overreaction to news out of OPEC Wall Street ...


Teen kills father, opens fire on South Carolina schoolyard: police

9/29/2016 11:14:50 AM

Reuters, Sept. 28, 2016 - A 14-year-old South Carolina boy shot and killed his father then drove to ...


Darkness and fear in Aleppo as the bombs rain down

9/29/2016 10:59:33 AM

BEIRUT, The Washington Post, September 28, 2016— The bombings at night are the worst. There ...


Oil prices barely higher as market wary over OPEC production agreement

9/29/2016 7:33:15 AM

Market Watch, 29 Sep. 2016- Crude oil prices made scant gains if any in early Asia trade Thursday, ...


Shanghai Top Pick to Become Next Financial Hub+Video

9/28/2016 9:53:57 PM

China, Shanghai, Reuters, Septl 28, 2016 - Shanghai ranks as the top pick among the world’s ...


Tourists evacuated as Indonesian volcano erupts

9/28/2016 9:29:48 PM

AFP, Sept, 28, 2016 - Rescuers in Indonesia were dispatched Wednesday to evacuate nearly 400 ...


Police killing of unarmed black man in San Diego sparks protest+Video & Photos

9/28/2016 9:26:25 PM

Police say man pulled an object from his pocket, pointed it at officers and assumed a ...


US giving $364 million in new Syria aid

9/28/2016 9:14:00 PM

WASHINGTON (AP) Sept. 28, 2016 -- The United States provided another $364 million in humanitarian ...


Blue topaz gemstone, largest of its kind, to go in display in UK+Video

9/28/2016 8:44:48 PM

London - Reuters-Sep 27, 2016-A flawless blue topaz gemstone, said to be the largest of its kind, ...


U.S. has discussed non-diplomatic responses to Syria violence: State Department

9/28/2016 8:27:19 PM

Reuters, 28 Sep. 2016- The U.S. administration has discussed non-diplomatic options to respond to ...


Syrian National Coalition: Political solution 'no longer viable option' in Syria

9/28/2016 8:16:58 PM

Reuters, 28 Sept. 2016 - The opposition Syrian National Coalition (SNC) said on Wednesday a ...


US threatens to end negotiations with Russia on Syria

9/28/2016 7:42:04 PM

WASHINGTON (AFP) - 28 Sep. 2016- US Secretary of State John Kerry called his Russian counterpart on ...


US to boost military presence in Iraq ahead of Mosul battle

9/28/2016 7:31:45 PM

AP- 28 Sep. 2016- President Barack Obama is preparing to send more troops to Iraq to help reclaim ...


Billionaire Elon Musk outlines plans for humans to colonize Mars + Video & photos

9/28/2016 5:43:29 PM

GUADALAJARA, MEXICO - Reuters, Sept. 28, 2016 - SpaceX is developing a massive rocket and capsule ...


Britain's first U.S. shale gas delivery arrives in Scotland+Video & photos

9/28/2016 5:10:18 PM

GRANGEMOUTH, SCOTLAND, Reuters SEPT. 27, 2016-Chemicals giant Ineos shipped in Britain's first ...


Islamist rebel apologizes for wrecking Timbuktu shrines in landmark trial + Video

9/28/2016 4:44:12 PM

AMSTERDAM – Reuters - Sept. 28, 2016 - A former Islamist rebel admitted wrecking holy shrines ...


Syrian forces have launched the 'biggest ground assault yet' to retake Aleppo+Video & Photos

9/28/2016 3:59:50 PM

BEIRUT-Reuters – Sept. 27, 2016 - Syrian government forces and their allies attacked the ...


Boris Johnson wants 'jumbo' Turkish trade deal

9/28/2016 3:20:52 PM

Turkey, Reuters-27 September 2016 - Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson says he hopes for a new 'jumbo' ...


Houston shooter wore military garb with Nazi emblems, police say+Vidoe

9/28/2016 11:01:26 AM

The Guardian – Sept. 28, 2016 - A disgruntled lawyer wearing military-style apparel with old ...

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